Mission Circle

“Who will pray for me when I am gone” is a genuine concern for many people who write, phone or whom we meet on our travels.  Sadly there are people who see the world as a godless world.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  In a world that promotes the need for security, pensions and insurance surely people would like to be assured that someone would take the time to remember to pray for them as their soul makes it’s transition from this world to the heavenly world of God our Father.

Our Priests on the missions need support so that they can carry out their pastoral duties and contribute to human development (feed the hungry, care for the sick, the homeless, & the marginalised).  They must work for justice and uphold the dignity and rights of every person.  Most of all they must train lay pastoral workers who will teach and minister to their own people.  This is an enormous task.

We cannot solve all the world’s problems but we can lighten the burden of some.  Every donation and every prayer offered is a contribution to building up and making the world a better place, a happier place for all God’s children.

Join our Mission Circle or invite a family member or friend of the next generation to join and become a Partner in Mission.  You will receive a membership card on which you can list your relatives and friends, living and deceased whom you wish to be remembered in the masses and prayers.  Special Masses are celebrated each day for Mission Circle Members living and deceased.  Our communities all over the world remember in their Masses and Prayers all those enrolled in the Mission Circle.

For more details about joining our Mission Circle membership please contact:

Director of Promotions:

St. Patrick’s
20 Beauchamp Road
E. Molesey
Surrey KT8 0PA
t. +44 (020) 8979-1890
e. spsuk@aol.com

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