Cards for all Occasions

Our Occasional Cards are a way of remembering someone who is celebrating a special event, or who is unwell, bereaved or in memory of the deceased and at the same time making a valuable contribution to our missionary work.

The person is enrolled for one year in the Masses of St. Patrick Missionary Society, celebrated daily throughout the year, and included in the daily prayers of our priest and students.

The cards are signed with the signature of a Priest member of St. Patrick’s Missionary Society and there is no cost for the cards; however for each card used the suggested donation is £5 for registration.  As an associate member of St. Patrick’s you may wish to request a number of cards to have on hand for future use.

Please note: This is not a ‘Mass Card’ for an individual Mass. The person enrolled is remembered in the Masses and prayers of the priests and students of St. Patrick’s Missionary Society for one year.

Christmas Cards (Keeping Christ in Christmas)

We have a selection of Christmas Greeting Cards (in packs of ten).

Help keep Christ in Christmas 2016-adjOur Christmas Greeting cards are available.  Each pack contains ten different cards and ten envelopes.  By using our cards you help the missions spiritually by sending cards which proclaim the true meaning of Christmas and financially by the donation you make for the cards.  The suggested donation for this beautiful pack of Christmas cards is £5 per pack.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our cards please contact us at:

St. Patrick’s
20 Beauchamp Road
E. Molesey
Surrey KT8 0PA
t. +44 (020) 8979-1890

e. Director

e. Office

Or download a printable order form (Microsoft word)> here.

PDF here> Form

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